About us

Taylor Hui designed The Roster as a single fundraising campaign in 2016, raising money for her not for profit organization BeaYOUtiful. Working with young girls through her charity, she had seen first hand the negative impact media had on body image and self-confidence. By launching a single shirt with an empowering message, she hoped to break the unrealistic standards of beauty often portrayed in the media. A year later, the success of the campaign launched The Roster into an everyday basics lounge-wear line.


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Today, 10% of every sale is still donated to the BeaYOUtiful Foundation, providing confidence classes for young girls 8-14 across Canada. In wearing the simplistic styles, each stamped with an empowering message, we hope that you embrace the perfections and imperfections that make you unique.
Our founder started her journey while living in Asia, and her connections carried over to Vancouver when returning home. Today, our products continue to be designed locally in Vancouver and manufactured in Singapore and China. Having lived and worked in Asia allowed Taylor to explore various factories, ensuring that her international partnerships aligned with her ethical views and social impact.